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PG's Blog - Day 63 - August 26, 2010

Posted on August 27, 2010 at 2:56 AM


-11:30 P.M.-

Hello world! I've been both occupied and disabled, I apologize. I have apologized many times, yet I know it brings no comforting. I don't mean comforting, as in 'oh, let me give you a hug', but as in 'I'll be back, this site is not dead!' Still, I will make a recovery and find my way back onto the internet. Hopefully with new ideas that brighten the site and make it more manageable for myself. I have been thrown many emails (in which most are spam) that I have failed to respond or even view. Many affiliation request that I have accepted then forgotten... and then some... All I can do is apologize and come back another day, hoping I remember to add, read, respond, check, search, appreciate, visit, and thank. I'll begin now, as a tiny step back up the stairs, to thank those who remain active (if there are any... Forgive me, I haven't reached the 'check' stage yet!). Now I move on from my babbling to tell you a story from my school days in the eighth grade...

One day at school, after I had taken a sick-day due to a sickness, I participated in the sport of walking. I wasn't done healing yet, and was re-catching my fever. Darn, if only you could catch flies that fast. Well, anyway, I walked ever-so-slowly, glad that at least it was a walking day. Still, the fever I held was making tired beyond what my poor eyes could handle. So, deciding that there was no real danger, I closed my eyes (I blame my occasionally absent stupidity), asking if my friend could direct me to safety. Then, for the heck of it, two more of my friends decided to join. So, onward we walked with our guide guiding us three as efficiently as he could. I was walking peacefully, even in my fevered state. The idea was working wonders... But I didn't see the tree coming. Literally. Before I could open my eyes, I was on the floor. Holding my nose to keep it from falling off. Thanks friend. But... I suppose it wasn't my buds fault as much as it was mine for bringing up the idea, though I was indeed the only injured one out of the bunch. At least my nose didn't fall off. Even so, I was left with an aggravated fever.

So world, we've learned an important lesson: If you close your eyes for a long period of time, let it be while your sleeping in your bed. It could just be me though... I have been known to bump into things... Like that time I...

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