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PG's Blog - Day 62 - April 7, 2010

Posted on April 7, 2010 at 1:15 PM


-10:15 A.M.-

Hey guys, I haven't posted or updated in a while because of school, but mark my words: I WILL BE BACK!!! Well, in the Summer at least. When the school year ends, you can expect major updates and you can expect me to be coming on more often, though my computer time has been cut down to 2-3 hours a day. It'll be good for me in a way, but still, what am I suppose to do for all those remaining hours! Anyways, I have been wanted to blog about something that had happened to me not to long ago, but as you know, I haven't been able to do so. I'm guessing that if I don't tell you now, I'm going to forget all about my story and you'll never know what happened... So without further ado (is that how it's spelled?) I present to you my story:

One night, I called my dog downstairs so I could take him outside to do finish his daily business. We proceeded to walk into the garage and walked towards the side door, when all of a sudden I saw something (from the corner of my eye) fall from the ceiling. To prevent it from hitting me, I blew it away. I looked at its small, yellow, 8-legged body as I stepped back to further prevent it from whacking me in the face. It was hideous and it sure gave me a scare. I walked back even more, probably out of sheer confusion, keeping my eyes glued on the ugly beast. It was a good thing I stepped back, because as I did so, another spider fell right in front of me... At least I think it was a spider, because I didn't get a good look at it. I was overly pissed at nature (I'm not a fan of living things, or their feces, falling from the sky) and didn't have a notion to look at yet another creepy crawler.

So there's my story. Please note that I don't have a specific hate towards spiders, just annoyance. They should never be messed with. They like us humans, should be treated with respect. But at the same time, they shouldn't be taken for granted. =]

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