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PG's Blog - Day 63 - August 26, 2010

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-11:30 P.M.-

Hello world! I've been both occupied and disabled, I apologize. I have apologized many times, yet I know it brings no comforting. I don't mean comforting, as in 'oh, let me give you a hug', but as in 'I'll be back, this site is not dead!' Still, I will make a recovery and find my way back onto the internet. Hopefully with new ideas that brighten the site and make it more manageable for myself. I have been thrown many emails (in which most are spam) that I have failed to respond or even view. Many affiliation request that I have accepted then forgotten... and then some... All I can do is apologize and come back another day, hoping I remember to add, read, respond, check, search, appreciate, visit, and thank. I'll begin now, as a tiny step back up the stairs, to thank those who remain active (if there are any... Forgive me, I haven't reached the 'check' stage yet!). Now I move on from my babbling to tell you a story from my school days in the eighth grade...

One day at school, after I had taken a sick-day due to a sickness, I participated in the sport of walking. I wasn't done healing yet, and was re-catching my fever. Darn, if only you could catch flies that fast. Well, anyway, I walked ever-so-slowly, glad that at least it was a walking day. Still, the fever I held was making tired beyond what my poor eyes could handle. So, deciding that there was no real danger, I closed my eyes (I blame my occasionally absent stupidity), asking if my friend could direct me to safety. Then, for the heck of it, two more of my friends decided to join. So, onward we walked with our guide guiding us three as efficiently as he could. I was walking peacefully, even in my fevered state. The idea was working wonders... But I didn't see the tree coming. Literally. Before I could open my eyes, I was on the floor. Holding my nose to keep it from falling off. Thanks friend. But... I suppose it wasn't my buds fault as much as it was mine for bringing up the idea, though I was indeed the only injured one out of the bunch. At least my nose didn't fall off. Even so, I was left with an aggravated fever.

So world, we've learned an important lesson: If you close your eyes for a long period of time, let it be while your sleeping in your bed. It could just be me though... I have been known to bump into things... Like that time I...

PG's Blog - Day 62 - April 7, 2010

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-10:15 A.M.-

Hey guys, I haven't posted or updated in a while because of school, but mark my words: I WILL BE BACK!!! Well, in the Summer at least. When the school year ends, you can expect major updates and you can expect me to be coming on more often, though my computer time has been cut down to 2-3 hours a day. It'll be good for me in a way, but still, what am I suppose to do for all those remaining hours! Anyways, I have been wanted to blog about something that had happened to me not to long ago, but as you know, I haven't been able to do so. I'm guessing that if I don't tell you now, I'm going to forget all about my story and you'll never know what happened... So without further ado (is that how it's spelled?) I present to you my story:

One night, I called my dog downstairs so I could take him outside to do finish his daily business. We proceeded to walk into the garage and walked towards the side door, when all of a sudden I saw something (from the corner of my eye) fall from the ceiling. To prevent it from hitting me, I blew it away. I looked at its small, yellow, 8-legged body as I stepped back to further prevent it from whacking me in the face. It was hideous and it sure gave me a scare. I walked back even more, probably out of sheer confusion, keeping my eyes glued on the ugly beast. It was a good thing I stepped back, because as I did so, another spider fell right in front of me... At least I think it was a spider, because I didn't get a good look at it. I was overly pissed at nature (I'm not a fan of living things, or their feces, falling from the sky) and didn't have a notion to look at yet another creepy crawler.

So there's my story. Please note that I don't have a specific hate towards spiders, just annoyance. They should never be messed with. They like us humans, should be treated with respect. But at the same time, they shouldn't be taken for granted. =]

PG's Blog - Day 61 - January 33, 2010

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-8:05 A.M.-

It looks like the storms have disappeared (where I live). I actually liked the rain, the lightning, and the thunder. For us, it's very rare to get storms like we just witnessed. Actually, I have a feeling I'll never see anything like that again - it was beyond normal (for us). We had rain that came in at large amounts. We had winds that blew over 3 ladders, a cabinet, and some school trees (poor trees). We had thunder and lightning, that continuously sounded and lit the sky. And we had hail. Yes hail (which we would have never guessed would occur in our town/city/region. It was an amazing storm. 

PG's Blog - Day 60 - December 28, 2009

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-11:00 A.M.-

Okay, so on Christmas Eve I told you that I would tell you a 'funny' story... So, without further ado, here it is:

It was a day of shopping, for it was almost Christmas. My older sister and I walked towards the home goods store (that's not the store's name). While we walked I joked around saying, "Wouldn't that be funny if dad was here?", after all dad was the target for today. I planned to get him some cool binoculars that I saw him eyeing a couple weeks before. Sadly, I could not find the binoculars anywhere, someone must have taken them. We walked around the store for other things and I spotted a fancy box of Jelly Beans. I thought about buying them for dad and picked the box up. My sister and I made our way around the store and suddenly I stopped. "No." I said, standing there with a blank look. My sister turned and saw what I saw: DAD! I put the Jelly Bean box behind my back and put I 'glad to see you' face on: "Hi Dad, what brings you here?" He told us that he was shopping for Mom, and as he talked to my sister, I slowly inched behind a perfume stand and dropped the box behind it. I came out from behind the stand and said: "Oh, we're shopping for Mom too." What a lie. Soon my sister and I left. We left without the Jelly Beans. They were more of a gift to me then my dad anyway...

Anyway, that's my story. In the end we ended up buying my dad something else from another store.:D

PG's Blog - Day 59 - December 24, 2009

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-9:20 A.M.-

IT"S CHRISTMAS EVE!!! So Merry Christmas Eve? Well, I have to tell you a SUPER DUPER funny story, but I'll have to wait until after Christmas to tell you...:wink: But for now, I have a challenge for you. Visit this page HERE! It's called PokePursuit, and once you read the page, it's pretty self explanatory. Good Luck!!!

I guess that's a bye for now then?

PG's Blog - Day 58 - December 9, 2009

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-10:40 P.M.-

WOW! I haven't posted for quite a while. You can all blame school for that!

Well anyways, I've been very busy since school started, so that's why I haven't been on as much and it is also why the shop has ceased to exist. Though I do plan to bring the shop back as well as the bank, they won't be back for a while. So, for now, please enjoy the remaining links on the navigation bar.

Now I bring up another matter: SITE COLORS. I've been thinking of making the site colors grayish blue/purple and black (of course). If you all haven't noticed, the current site color is aqua blue, though you can only find it in various parts of the site (I have changed most of the colors already). An even better idea I had was letting you guys choose on a simple voting poll, but I'm unsure of that decision right now...

Aside from the site, I'm doing great in school. We should be getting our trimester grades soon. If you care to know, I'll let you in on them. ;D

Well, bye until next time... When ever that is...

PG's Blog - Day 57 - September 20, 2009

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-9:35 P.M.-

I'm back! I went on a Mini-Vacation to drop my Sister off at her college. And... I have pictures!!!

-From My Earlier Nevada Trip-

Colorado River (Viewed from Nevada): CLICK HERE

Nevada Mountains: CLICK HERE

-From My Recent Drop Off Trip-

Ocean Rocks: CLICK HERE


PG's Blog - Day 56 - September 18, 2009

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-7:50 A.M.-

Hey! I just wanted to say bye before I left. I'm going to drop my Sister off at her collage. It's going to be a long drive!

Anyway, I get to miss school! But I have more homework to finish, and since yesterday was my Mom's Birthday, I didn't get all of Thursday's homework finished. So I'll have to do that while we are at/near my Sister's collage.

I wasn't planning on taking my computer... But, I just might... 

I'll be sure to take some pictures of the route on the way to the collage and I'll add that one of Nevada I forgot to upload. XD

Bye for now. I may or may not bring my computer...

-11:45 P.M-

I'm all settled in the Hotel now! I won't be uploading the picture(s) I took right away, but I will soon! I'll be adding the one I took of Nevada (I forgot to add that picture a while ago)...

So... Yeah. That's it. I guess I'll chat tomorrow! Night.

PG's Blog - Day 55 - September 16, 2009

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-9:40 P.M.-

Hey guys!!! Long time no see... Or Chat I should say?

Anyway, yesterday I was just finishing up a Collage. It's not due until the 21st, but since I'll be somewhere else over the weekend, I had to finish it early.

Where am I going? Well I'm leaving on Friday to drop off my older sister to her College. No, I won't be taking my compute because I doubt that the hotel would have FREE internet... The good thing is: I GET TO MISS A DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Though it's hard to keep up with school work when you miss a day...

Also, at school, the Principle brought us in for a beginning of the year lecture. It was as boring as usual. You know how it hangs.

Hopefully I'll be able to get on tomorrow. Till then: Bye!

PG's Blog - Day 54 - September 11, 2009

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-7:20 P.M-

Hey! The second day of school is finished and I actually got homework... ON THE SECOND DAY!!! Luckily, I have completed my homework already, so, I'll be on more on the weekend.

Also, something exciting happened!!! While I was doing my homework, I heard/felt a jolt. An earthquake I suspected. My Mom is the only other person who hear/felt it, so she told Dad before I could. He immediately tuned the T.V. to the News channel. He told us that a shuttle aircraft had just just entered the atmosphere (planning to land somewhere in California), thus causing a 'Sonic Boom', not an earthquake.

Well, today was a very tragic day in history. 9/11. A VERY sad day that will never be forgotten. I give my thanks to all those FDNY Firefighters and Paramedics who tried desperately to save anyone they good. I also give my apologies to those who's family members were lost and those who WERE lost. You will never be forgotten. 

I will be visiting the Chat now. =]